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I moved my collection of Pinball and Vintage arcade machines out here to Las Vegas in 2011 from Culver City Ca where I had a successful Pinball Museum and Retail Store for over 17 years, I have been collecting and repairing pinball machines since I was 15 years old and started profesionaly at age 18 taking service calls all around the southeren califorina area, and received my training from Les Cahl a well know Pinball Mechanic who serviced the active west bowling centers in southeren califorina.

I started my expertise on Electro mechanical pinball machines where I learned the old style mechanics of how pinball machines worked which related to other coin op devices that were built on that same platform, it then enabled me to work on shuffle bowlers, Gun Games, Baseball Machines, Bingo Machines, as well as Electro Mechanical Slot Machines as well as jukeboxes of different eras. My dedication to this field of repair is a labor of love, where I found my self as a young kid playing the arcade games and deciding at a young age to pursue a carear in keeping these magical machines working for years to come.

Please give me a call if you need help getting your vintage Pinball Machine or any other coin op machine running again.

All the Best

Pat Sheehy

Las Vegas Pinball Repair

(702) 272-1288

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